The world should be experienced from a horseback

Tour Riding

We have a bit of a different tour riding as we only accept a maximum of 4 people at a time and we are only suitable for experienced riders older than 15 years, as we have large, energetic and independent horses.

The calm ride 600 kr

The calm ride takes approximately 1 hour and covers a distance of 6km. We mostly ride in walk and include one slower trott or gallop. This tour is for you who wants to experience a tranquil ride in the national park - a soothing forest bath on horseback.

Evening tour 650 kr

Available weekday evenings April-October. We ride 1h 15 min -1.5h in Söderåsen National Park. Time vary depending on pace, the tour is 7km long

Kopparhatten 650 kr

1 hour and 15 min of active riding. 9 km in varied pace and hilly terrain. Some nice trot and gallop distances. A lot of climbing. We ride on the nice riding trails in Söderåsen National Park up to Kopparhatten and look at the view and then home again through the beautiful beech forest.

Speedtour 750 kr

About 1.5 hours of active riding. 11km in varied pace and several nice distances that invite to gallop. 

Härsnäs ponds 900 kr

2 hours of active riding in varied and hilly terrain, a lot of climbing and very nice and long trot and gallop distances. Good climbing for the horses and beautiful nature to enjoy everywhere but especially at the ponds. 11km long, As there is hilly terrain there is also a lot of walk distances.

Foresttour 950 kr

Tour that takes about 2,5 hours of active riding in varied forest, both beech, birch and coniferous forest, hilly terrain, we pass old agriculture landscape with stone fence. There are very nice and long trot and gallop distances. We ride mostly in Söderåsen National Park but also a short distance outside. 13 km long tour.

Kvärkforest 1200 kr

The trip takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes depending on the pace, we ride 20km in varied terrain past Skäralid, Kopparhatten to Kvärkskogen which we ride around, Very beautiful nature, nice riding trails and sometimes fantastic views as parts of the riding route go along the ravine.

Uggleröd valley - 1250 kr

This amazing 21km tour is about 3 hours and 15 minutes of active riding. We will ride a very nice loop between Skäralid and Röstånga and the nature is hilly and very beautiful. Lots of climbing and a couple of really long canter distances.

Klåveröd 1375 kr

Tour of about 3,5h of active riding varied pace. 22km through Söderåsen National Park and away to Klåveröd's walking area. Varied nature with everything from beech forest, grazing landscape with stone fences to coniferous forest taken from John Bauers Among elves and trolls. Varied terrain with everything from wide trails to small paths in the forest.

Only experienced /advanced riders. 

The times on the tours are how long it usually takes, as it depends entirely on what pace we keep and the specified time is active riding. There will be 30-40 min before we ride and 20 min after that you need to ad for the full activity. 

Booked time = Your arrival time. If you get her much to early we might not be at home.

During the holidays, we can also put the riding weekends packages on weekdays. If you want a different experience, you are welcome to contact us for price. The times are calculated for a varied pace. The tours are priced according to how far we ride. Therefore, some tours that take the same amount of time may be differently priced. 

Call or email us for a booking request. Read important information before booking, for cancellation rules, weight limits etc. On our facebook, there is almost always a post that is pinned at the top with when there are free tours this and next month. 

Larger Groups / Inexperienced Riders & Children

We get many inquiries regarding tour riding for larger groups, as we do not have enough horses to take more than 4 people on tour riding. As we can not take beginners either, we refer all larger groups and unexperienced riders to Söderåsens Turridning.

Inquiries about riding for children and pony riding also occur frequently. We can not help with that either and we refer to Danneborg.