Sofia & Tomas 

We (Sofia and Tomas) decided to leave the city heat and follow the dream of our own farm in the countryside. 

After a long search for our dream farm, we finally found it in Ljungbyhed, right next to Söderåsen national park and Skäralid in Skåne. Since the summer of 2019, the two of us and our animals have been living here.

Animals have always been a big part of our lives. At home we have always had a dog and at least one cat. And there has always been a horse.

Sofia is born 1984 and started riding when she was six years old and has been riding for as long as she can remember. She has not competed but had several horses of her own and trained varied at the hobby level. She has worked extra at a riding school when she was younger. Her family had a stable at Stenings Castle (close to Stockholm) for some years were activities were conducted for children and their first contact with horses. She studied equestrian knowledge,  both riding and theory in everything from safety thinking on the ground to food science.

Tomas is used to horses and has ridden a lot when he was a young and have started again over the past year, and he is learning fast.

The horse keeping on our farm puts the horses' needs first and foremost with a lot of outdoors, an airy stable with extra large boxes and two large pastures. The well-being of horses is always in focus for us.

Of course, we have insurance that covers personal injuries caused by our horses, both when handling and riding so that those who come here can feel safe.