The times on the tours are how long it usually takes, as it depends entirely on what pace we keep and the specified time is active riding. There will be 30-40 min before we ride and 20 min after that you need to ad for the full activity.

The times are calculated for a varied pace. Call or email us for a booking request.


Self-catering, including linen and towels, price per person and night

600 kr

60 min in the paddock 

Independent riding on the paddock, (no instructor is included and you are not allowed to jump unless agreed). Can be combined with the tour to Kopparhatten the same day

400 kr


Just over an hour of active riding, varied pace and hilly terrain. Some nice trot and gallop distances. We ride on nice trails in Söderåsen National Park up to Kopparhatten and look at the view and then home again through the beautiful beech forest.

Can be combined with an hour in the paddock the same day.

500 kr


About 1.5 hours, depending on pace, of active riding, varied pace and several nice distances that offer trotting and galloping.

550 kr

The forest tour

This tour that takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes of active riding in varied forest, both beech, birch and coniferous forest, hilly terrain, we pass old field landscape with stone fences, very nice and long trot and gallop distances. We ride for the most part in Söderåsen National Park.

600 kr

National park tour

Tour that takes around 2.5 hours of active riding varied pace in hilly terrain, very nice riding trails in Söderåsen's beech forest. We will pass Skäralid and Härsnäsdammarna.

700 kr


Tour that takes around 2h 45min active riding in varied and hilly terrain, a lot of climbing and very nice and long trot and gallop distances. We ride to Härsnäsdammarna and passes Liagården on our way back. Good climbing for the horses and beautiful nature to enjoy.

800 kr

Skäralid, Kopparhatten & Kvärk forest

The tour takes around 3.5 hours depending on the pace. We ride in varied terrain past Skäralid, Kopparhatten to Kvärkskogen which we ride around, Very beautiful nature, nice riding trails and sometimes fantastic views as parts of the riding trail go along a ravine. We have coffee with us and stop for a short leg stretch and a short coffee break along the way.    

1200 kr

Härsnäsdammarna & Röstånga

Around 4 hours  of active riding, hilly terrain and many long trot and gallop distances, but also a lot of calm steps  where we enjoy the nature. This is our longest tour. We ride in the beech forest, the birch forest and some coniferous forest, all on nice and wide riding trails. We have coffee with us and stop for a short leg stretch and a short coffee break along the way.

1300 kr

Guided Riding tour of Söderåsen national park, bring your own horse (price per equipage)

1,5h               250:-

2h                 300:-

2,5h              350:-

3h                 400:-

3,5h              450:-

4h                 500:-  

For a trip of 2.5 hours or more, you need to be at least 3 riders coming.  

Guest box

On request when our horses are grazing (June-August) we can offer a guest box to overnight guests who want to bring their own horse.

Hay and litter are included, but you are responsible for the care of your horse. Visiting horses must be healthy and fully vaccinated and have their passports with them. Price per horse and night.

300 kr