Our Horses

We have four very nice horses. The horses are alert and forward and give a wonderful riding feeling. All rides varied and is trained in different disciplines. We have a part-time retired half-blood mare who has been trained in jumping, dressage and field competition (Ronga), a thoroughbred who has competed in steeplechase in the Czech Republic and both jumps and rides in dressage (Hercules) and two warmbloods who after careers on the trotting track have become fantastic riding horses will be trained in several disciplines. (Yippee & Harry).


Yippee is our newest addition to the Stable. Yippee is a warmblood trotter gelding born in 2013, he is about 160 cm tall. Yippee has been in our possession since July 2020. He started his career as a trotting race horse. After that career was over, he has via the Life after racing Foundation been involved in the project "A first step" to start his retraining as a riding horse. After that he has lived at Sigtuna riding school and this summer went to Grällsta's riding camp. He is a soft, kind and alert (not hot) horse that easily works in the right shape. Can be ridden by most experienced riders. He has not fully caught the gallop yet, but has a wonderful fast trot. He is without a doubt the fastest horse in the stable. Yippee will continue his training as a riding horse here with us. For the smaller rider, Yippe fits well as he is smallest in the stable with his 160cm but he is not a childrens horse. A very fun horse to ride.


Hercules is a thoroughbred gelding born in 2010, he is about 168 cm tall. He has been in our possession since January 2020. He came to Sweden as a five-year-old after having had less kind owners in the Czech Republic where he was running steeplechase races. He's a gentleman who does not misbehave at all and is close to bulletproof. He himself does not know that he is a thoroughbred. He does not have much nerve when sitting in the saddle but requires that you have good balance and riding habits. He is simply a fantastically kind and fun horse to ride. For the talented younger rider, if you want to speed och just want a calm tour on a nice horse, Hercules is the perfect horse for the job. 


Ronga was born in 2004 and is a Latvian warmblood mare. We have owned her since 2014 and she is a very reliable and fun horse to ride. She's as kind as she is big. Ronga is 170 cm in height and is rough in the body. She has previously been trained jumped major obstacles and terrain courses, but has not competed. Now a days she is no longer taking any tour and we are expecting a foal next summer. Ronga is still living on our farm but are ovned by Sofia. Her foal when born will be owned by Tostarp Bed'n Ride.


Harry is a gelding born in 2009 by the breed warmblood trotter. He is about 168cm tall. He was not a successful trotting horse, but he loves his new job as a riding horse. We have owned Harry since the summer of 2019. He is light in the hand and is easy to ride. He loves a brisk gallop or trott in the woods, walks with fast road-winning gaits but stops quick and easily when asked. Harry is a very kind, lively and fun horse to ride.