Important information


We only accept riders who can easily handle horses in all gaits. The horses are kind, but if you are a beginner, our rides are not suitable. If it turns out anyone booked but are not able to handle the horse in a basic and safe way, we will not ride the tour due to safety. We will however charge full price, as we could not accept other bookings for that day. We only have one tour a day.

Clarification regarding riding skills as we have received many inquiries / bookings from riders with lower / no riding skills: We have limitations for riding with us based on riding skills due to the safety of our visitors and horses. The horses are not difficult to ride or mean in any way, but they have their own wills and their own engine, which you need to be able to handle. If you have only ridden on tour riding a few times before, our horses are not suitable as they require a completely different level of knowledge. The same thing if you have ridden your first semester at a riding school, then they are not completely suitable horses either. 

If, on the other hand, you have ridden a lot in the past and are picking up your riding after a longer break, it is no problem to ride our horses. A good yardstick is if you can saddle and bridle a horse yourself and can ride in trot and gallop without problems. If you are unsure, call or email and ask before you book. 

Max weight

We have different maximum weights for our horses.

Harry 85
Yippee 85
Hercules 80kg.

Age limit

15 years.

Accommodation, Check-in and Check-out

Check-in takes place from 5 pm and check-out takes place at 3 pm. Earlier check-in and later check-out may be possible by arrangement provided that no one else has booked the apartment before or after you. 

Bed linen, sheets, towels, bath towels, toilet paper, detergent and hand soap are available in the apartment. Eggs from the farm's free-range hens are included, if you want it. Except from that it is self-catering. We want people to leave tables and benches wiped clean, throw their rubbish and wash dishes. We vacuum and scrub when you check out.

Before and after riding

Booked time = your arrival time, if you are much to early we might not be at home. Expect it to take about 30-40 minutes after the booked time before the tour starts with the horses. We meet in the stable at your booked time, go through where we are going to ride, and which horse you will ride. Everyone brushes and prepares the horse to ride. After the ride, it takes about 30 minutes to sponge any sweat and brush the horses after the ride.

Payment and cancellation

Payment is made via Swish bank transfer when booked. You can also pay via paypal. 

If you are prevented, you can cancel and receive a full refund if you cancel no later than 48h before arrival.

Accommodation and horse riding that is cancelled less tan 48h before arrival will be charged at 50%.


Cancellations due to rain will be charged 50%. 

If there is strong winds or thunderstorms we can decide to cancel the tour dueto safety. We will contact you as soon as we can in advance. In first hand we will have the tour later the same day. If we cancel you will get a 100% refund.


Our horses are insured with Agria and everyone who rides or stays around the horses is covered by their accident insurance. We also recommend that you have your own accident insurance.

We have kind, stable and safe horses, but all riding is at your own risk. There are large animals and accidents can happen.


Bring your own riding equipment. Bring riding clothes adapted to the weather (if there is a risk of rain, you should have rainwear with you). Helmet is mandatory for everyone who rides with us. We have some helmets on loan if someone forgot, but we recommend that you bring your own. Everyone under 18 who rides with us must bring and wear a safety vest. Your own vest needs to be brought as we do not have any for lending.

Bring your own pet

It is not allowed to bring your own pet to our farm. We have cats, sheeps and free range chickens on the farm who do not want to be hunted. On the farm we also have three dogs of our own. As on several occasions peeing on walls, furniture and curtains by visiting dogs, we have made the decision to no longer allow visiting dogs in the apartment.