Important information

Accommodation, Check-in and Check-out

Check-in takes place from 2 pm and check-out takes place at 12 pm. Later check-out may be possible by arrangement provided that no one else has booked the apartment after you. 

Bed linen, sheets, towels, bath towels, toilet paper, detergent and hand soap are available in the apartment. Eggs from the farm's free-range hens are included, if you want it. Except from that it is self-catering. We want people to leave tables and benches wiped clean, throw their rubbish and wash dishes. We vacuum and scrub when you check out.

Before and after riding

Expect it to take about 30-40 minutes after the booked time before the tour starts with the horses. We meet in the stable at a certain time, go through where we are going to ride, and which horse should have which equipment. Everyone brushes and prepares the horse to ride. After the ride, it takes about 30 minutes to sponge any sweat and brush the horses after the ride.

Payment and cancellation riding

Payment is made no later than one week before the booked date on Swisch 1235996137 or to our BG 5603-3905. 

From payments from outside Sweden you can transfer to our bank account 

IBAN: SE32 6000 0000 0001 6448 2962 


Write name and booked date, and bring a deposit receipt if the payment was made close to the ride (eg for a booking that came at short notice).

Cancellations are made via text message to 0046(0)73-0845618 or by email 

Due to many cancellations in recent months at short notice due to rain, we have tightened our cancellation rules and started with advance payment. The following payment and cancellation rules apply to all rides booked from 1 October 2021.

Please cancel as early as possible if you are prevented so that someone else gets the chance to book. 

We are a small business that only takes one company at a time and in case of cancellations at the last minute it becomes a problem as we have difficulty getting a new company in at short notice. If we receive the cancellation a day before the booking or on the same day, it is usually not possible for us to book someone else.

If you become ill, you can rebook / cancel the ride free of charge until the same day against a doctor's certificate. If you become ill, you must cancel. 

If canceled earlier than 1 week before the tour, 100% of the fee paid in advance in connection with the booking will be refunded.

If canceled less than 1 week before the visit, 50% of the prepaid fee will be refunded. 50% non-refundable. For bookings that are not prepaid, the booker undertakes to pay 50% of the fee to Tostarp Bed´n Ride to the designated Bankgiro, bank account or Swisch. 

If canceled the day before or on the same day, no refund will be given. For bookings that are not paid in advance, the person who books agrees to pay full riding fees to Tostarp Bed´n Ride to the designated Bankgiro,  bank account or Swisch.

For riders with their own horse, riding can be canceled up to 24 hours before with 100% cancellation.

 Payment and cancellation accomondation

If you become ill, you can rebook / cancel the stay free of charge until the same day against a doctors certificate. 

Payment is made no later than one week before the booked date on Swisch 1235996137 or to our BG 5603-3905.

From payments from outside Sweden you can transfer to our bank account

IBAN: SE32 6000 0000 0001 6448 2962


Write name and booked date, and bring a deposit receipt if the payment was made close to the ride (eg for a booking that came at short notice).

If canceled earlier than one week before your stay, a 100% refund of the accommodation cost will be charged. If canceled 24 hours before the stay, 50% will be refunded. 

If canceled less than 24 hours before your stay, no refund will be given unless a special agreement has been reached at the time of booking. 

Bad weather 

We ride in all weathers, a little rain or snow is not a reason for cancellation at short notice. Cancellations at short notice due to weather follow the same cancellation rules as above. 

In winter, snow and ice are not a problem as our horses have snow soles and 4 spikes in each shoe. 

If the weather is too bad in the form of very strong winds or thunderstorms, we can make the decision to cancel. We make that decision if we see a safety risk in riding that day. 

We will then contact those who are to ride on the telephone number provided at the time of booking. If we cancel due to dangerous weather, 100% of the booking fee will be refunded. 

Age limit 

We have 15 years as an age limit. We only have large horses and they are not suitable for children. 

If you are a tall and very good rider, we are happy to discuss over the phone, but as a rule we do not take riders for 15 years. If we make exceptions, the riding parent must be present. 

For Guided riding on our own pony, we have no age limit, but for riders under 15 years, we want a guardian or other adult rider to be with either their own horse or one of our horses.


We only accept experienced riders who can easily handle horses and ride a horse properly in all gaits. 

The horses are kind, but if you are a beginner, our rides are not suitable. If you have ridden a time at a riding school in your life, it is usually not a problem. 

Examples of things you should know: Put on a bridle and saddle. Hold the reins correctly, ride easily in trot, gallop at different paces, steer and stop and similar basic skills. If we feel that you cannot handle our horses correctly / safely, we will not start the tour or cancel the tour prematurely and charge in full.

Max weight

We have different maximum weights for our horses. 

Harry, Yippee: 90kg 

Hercules: 80kg. 

If you are much heavier than what our maximum weights say when you come for your riding, we take full payment and you are not allowed to ride. This is because our horses and their well-being come first. As they are not of heavier horse breeds, we can not offer riding for heavy riders.


Our horses are insured with Agria and everyone who rides or stays around the horses is covered by their accident insurance. We also recommend that you have your own accident insurance.

We have kind, stable and safe horses, but all riding is at your own risk. There are large animals and accidents can happen.


Bring your own riding equipment. 

Long pants are a requirement. Shoes you ride in should, for safety reasons, have a small heel. Bring riding clothes adapted to the weather (if there is a risk of rain, you should bring rainwear with you, in winter bring warm clothes). 

Helmet is mandatory for everyone who rides with us. We have some helmets on loan, but we recommend that you bring your own in you have one. 

Everyone under 18 who rides with us must wear a safety vest. Our own safety vest needs to be brought as we do not have any for lending.

Bring your own dog (only overnight guests may bring a dog)

As a overnight gues, you are allowed to bring your own dog. The dog must be able to stay alone without problems in the apartment when riding. 

Except when riding, we do not want you to leave your dog unattended. It must be house trained. Dogs are not allowed to sleep in beds or sofas in the apartment and you need to bring a bed for your dog. We have cats and chickens that go loose on the farm who do not want to be hunted. We also have three dogs. 

Visiting dogs are not allowed ro run free and we ask you to pick up after your dog. You will be liable and charged for any damages in the apartment caused by your dog.